“An important, moving and powerful exposition of the democratic ideal. Timely and valuable”.

Naomi Wolf 

“Citizens: A Manifesto is a vigorous and imaginative sketch of an ideal. It describes what we all might be, and what it might be like to live at our fullest”.

Philip Pullman

“A shining model of what we should demand of ourselves and our fellow citizens”.

Ariel Dorfman

“This manifesto offers a model of participatory, active citizenship, setting out the rights & responsibilities of a citizen in a way that seeks to empower the individual and reinvigorate the body politic. It presents a framework of citizenship that is engaged and egalitarian; where the people  not the state – determine their own futures and work together for the common good. This vision of what citizens can be  and can achieve – alerts us to the limited citizenship we currently experience and to the possibility of something better”.

Peter Tatchell

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